Art in the Landscape Rye NY

TRD Designs Ltd.
by TRD Designs Ltd.
Project in Rye, NY
Property had this statue that looks just like Kramer from Seinfeld.
It looked like it was presenting something.
Obviously, it needed to present the focal point.
Using the Aquascape Ecosystem Pond concept,
TRD Designs along with Atlantis Watergardes in NJ
teamed up to create this stunning water feature. ENJOY
Not your typical water feature
before TRD Designs
Art in the landscape
Spring awakening
Lava rock with moss to the right of the main waterfall
Checking the grade
Winter Show
Winter Art
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  • TRD Designs Ltd. TRD Designs Ltd. on Feb 14, 2013
    New Photos Added

  • Monday West Monday West on Oct 31, 2014
    What a nice piece of art! I was really fascinated when Icame across this wonderful landscape. This is absolutely amazing. Thanks for postingwhich you have shared here with us and can give an admirable beauty to yourhome landscape. Great post.