Eden Pond Rebuild

This the pond as it looked before we rebuilt it. The filter was not installed properly and the top waterfall area collapsed. The pond was muddy from rainwater draining into it and pea soup green with algae. We had no idea there were almost 30 fish in it.
before pond
Our plan was to remove the pond, re dig it with proper shelving and use different rock.
laying out the biofalls and skimmer filters
We re dug the pond and added a Aquascape skimmer and biofalls. We used 2" flexible PVC pipe and a Tsurumi 5pl pump
the first test.
We plugged in the pump once the pond was filled. Some minor changes were made to the waterfalls due to some excess splash
the new pond
Here is the finished pond after 2 weeks. A new ecosystem pond that works with nature.
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  • Cherie Cherie on Aug 16, 2014
    3% peroxide added to pond water will kill string algae but not your fish. Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor info. The pond pictured is gorgeous! Raccoons ate quite a few of our fish, but the biggest killer was a bird, an egret or heron. I saw it and ran it off but it continued to come eat our tame Koi!! They were used to being hand fed. We put wire mesh over finally but too late for most of the Koi.

  • Ecoblast is a peroxide based product for string algae. Used in combination with SAB it does a good job. www.aquascapeinc.com For herons and other critters, try a SCARECROW. It is a motion sensor sprinkler that shoots a jet of water. it works well