Backyard Ponds Make Fish Keeping Fun

Aquascape Inc.
by Aquascape Inc.
One of the greatest pleasures of installing a backyard pond is the fish. Pond fish and koi are colorful, friendly, fun to watch, and they'll eat right out of your hand! And if you live in Northern climes, they will over-winter in the pond provided it's at least 2 feet deep and you keep a hole in the ice.
Swimming with the fishes!
Your other pets will love to watch and play with the fish!
Kids are amazed by friendly koi. These quirky critters were brave enough to "crawl" out of the water for the food that dropped onto the rock!
Koi love watermelon and will take it right out of your hand!
Koi are easy to catch with your hands. Just don't keep them out of water for too long!
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