Backyard Retreat In Keeping With Natural Surroundings

This property’s residence was carefully designed and built amongst mature oaks, maples and pines. Deck and Patio’s outdoor living expert, Bill Renter, and his team, also took great care to preserve as much of this as possible when we added the various water features: a concrete, vinyl-lined pool, raised spa, stream, waterfalls, and koi pond.
To accomplish this, many site-related factors had to be considered: topography, solar exposure, soil conditions, existing trees, property size, active and passive use areas, as well as the style of architecture.
We have found, in fact, that recreating water and nature is an art form that takes a trained eye, many years of field experience, extensive knowledge of hydraulics and plant material, a true passion for nature, and, most importantly, an understanding of how to balance the relationship between architecture with its natural surroundings.
In recognition for all we accomplished in the design and installation of the pool, spa and water features, this back yard retreat garnered two prestigious awards from NESPA and APSP in 2007.
To see more of our award-winning backyard retreats/water features:
Waterfall spiling into spa acts as massage.
Freeform Concrete Pool: Vinly-lined pool was nestled into landscape with careful consideration for existing trees and mature shrub root systems. From spa, clients can view koi pond and waterfalls while relaxing.
Moss rock and plantings create natural look.
Multi-tiered Waterfall/Stream: 5’-high multi-tiered waterfall and 35’ meandering stream discharge into 10’ x 15’ freeform Koi pond below.
Pond is fed fresh water from waterfall/stream
Koi Pond: Pond was built with much consideration for fish since natural predators exist in and around the locale. Pond’s small cave provides hiding place where koi can lay dormant during winter months.
Beautiful lagoon-like freeform pool and spa
Pool and Spa Design: Pool and spa were designed to be “organic” with natural surroundings; they capture very essence of clients’ desire for harmonious body of water in keeping with residence, patio, outdoor kitchen, and new waterfall, stream and pond.
Vibration flowers bring out the peace within
Pool Landscaping: Vibration flowers and fragrance provided by many varieties of perennials, evergreen and deciduous plantings created successional color throughout pool season.
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