Charming backyard water garden in Richmond, TX features a constructed wetlands filter that adds an additional waterfall.

A beautiful water feature is the focal point of this whimsical backyard in Richmond, TX. We removed their existing 4'x8' pre-formed plastic pond and replaced it with this ecosystem pond complete with a waterfall and an intake bay so there's no skimmer to empty. A constructed wetlands filter was created behind the pond to keep the water clean and clear and returns the filtered water to the pond via a waterfall/stream combination, adding extra interest. Te constructed wetlands filter also adds extra planting areas for marginal plants. We added a tiny pump to the concrete elephant that sits in the wetlands area so that he spouts water from his trunk.
The Allen's Garden They are now officially living the lifestyle. This water garden was their anniversary present to each other.
Constructed wetland filter keeps the pond clean clear and healthy and doesn't look like a filter at all!
The elephant statue spouting water from his trunk adds whimsy to the garden. The constructed wetlands filter in which he sits is hard at work keeping the water crystal clear.
An additional waterfall was created on the back of the pond using an Aquascape Waterfall Spillway. This waterfall helps keep the water aerated and circulated so that we don't have stagnant areas in the water garden.
Vibrant and beautiful, water lilies are just one benefit of living the water feature lifestyle.
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  • Penny Penny on Aug 28, 2017
    I see you have a tree in the background of your pond, what do you do to keep the leaves from creating a big mess when the leaves fall? How are you able to keep the pond clear of the debris?

  • Nikki Dyer Nikki Dyer on Mar 10, 2020

    Do you have more info on the constructed wetlands filter?

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