Ecosystem Fish Pond Renovation in Northern New Jersey

This pond reconstruction was done for a maintenance customer of ours. We have been maintaining the pond on the upper left for about three years combating leaking and shallow water for the fish. A Frog's Dream dismantled the existing pond, brought pond level down to grade instead of it being above grade, brought depth to 24", added a beautiful waterfall, and a fish cave for the fish to hide from predators. We did all this in a matter of 2 days. This pond is now functioning properly without leaks and features underwater and stream lighting for night viewing. Now the proud pond owner can enjoy their new pond with no worries about leaking or predators stealing their fish.
There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by your pond watching your fish and listening to the soothing sounds of mother nature. These are pictures right after construction which was completed this January. The water will clear up and be crystal clear! To learn more about Ecosystem Ponds visit us at
Before picture
After: Ecosystem Fish Pond- Pittstown, NJ
Waterfall of Renovation Ecosystem Fish Pond- Pittstown, NJ
Ecosystem Fish Pond- Pittstown, NJ
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