Fall Pond Netting

by Cepontzsons
Last week was the official first day of fall and you know what that means … it’s time to install Aquascape Protective Fall Pond Netting to catch autumn leaves before they fall into your pond! We are currently booking for fall close-ups. Fall pond shut downs include cutting back all aquatic plants and preparing them for winter, scooping out as much loose organic debris as possible, installing protective leaf netting and poles and installation of any aeration system. We also remove your pond pump if you choose to not run it in the winter months
This video highlights the features and benefits of netting the pond with Protective Pond Netting. Drastically reduce pond maintenance by netting your pond before the leaves begin to fall. It’s easy to do and the sturdy net is re-usable! Enjoy our video that explains the features and benefits of Aquascape Protective Pond Netting.
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  • Andy Andy on Oct 02, 2016
    That's a brilliant idea mate. It will save tons of time cleaning those unwanted leaves from our ponds. But do they come in custom sizes? Or do they come in fixed sizes? We are starting a new project called Aquascape guru > http://www.aquascape.guru/ It's where we share daily aquascape-related information, facts, tips & tricks. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the site :)

    • Cepontzsons Cepontzsons on Oct 04, 2016
      the nets come in fixed sizes but i'd imagine you can purchase rolls of the netting somewhere on line. We cut and customize the pvc piping for each pond.