Hiring a Contractor to Install Your Water Feature

by Cepontzsons
For starters, look for a reputable contractor that is certified and has experience. A Certified Aquascape Contractor has proven to possess pond building experience, professionalism, references, customer satisfaction, and proper liability and insurance coverage. The contractors’ work is critiqued for proper installation techniques and natural aesthetics. By using this type of reference service, you can be sure you are getting the cream of the crop when it comes to installers in your area. Another way to find reputable contractors is to get a reference from someone who has a pond you would like to replicate. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good contractor. Attending a pond tour is yet another great opportunity to scout out your favorite pond and determine if the owner is pleased with their pond and the service they’ve gotten from their pond builder.

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  • Lateral Concepts, LLC Lateral Concepts, LLC on Mar 29, 2014
    Great information! One thing to add: We often have clients with gorgeous landscapes, water features, boulders, and retaining walls where the contractor neglected to locate or even think about the wastewater system(s). If you don’t already know the location, depth, and layout of your sewer or septic system, this is the perfect time to find out. By having a video inspection and locate of the sewer line and or septic lines and tank, you’ll not only gain valuable information to help with future periodic septic system maintenance, potentially detect “underlying” problems before become an issue, but also make more educated design decisions prior to your landscaping project.