Hot Tub/Spa FAQs: What Are the Price/Costs of Owning a Hot Tub?

The most frequently asked question of our Long Island Hot Tub staff is: What are the price and costs of owning a hot tub?
In case you have been wondering that very question, here’s the lowdown from our Farmingdale showroom manager, Mike Berkowitz:
Price Overview
We specialize in what we believe to be the best portable hot tubs available — Bullfrog Spas — and the price of these spas vary between $6000 to $16,000, depending on size and options. The warranty, which covers parts and labor, is for 3-years on the base models, and 5 years on the upper series. The warranty starts the day the spa is delivered to the customer and is not pro rated.
In addition, all Long Island Hot Tub hot tub packages come with a cover, cover lifter, stairs and start up chemicals.
The bigger the spa the more JetPaks are in it. In a 6-seater spa, you will get 3-4 JetPaks, in a 7-seater, 5 JetPaks, and in an 8-seater, 5-6. And of course, you can buy extra JetPaks to have on hand to switch out for different types of massage therapy.
There is a luxury series, for example, with such choices as the STIL and its open, not moulded seating, with 3 JetPaks.
— Depending on the series, premium cabinets are available in such elegant styles as Ivory and Slate.
— Each model comes with premium computerized controls, but you can opt for CloudControl which provides the ability to control your spa from anywhere with your own Android or iOS smart phone.
— Stereo Audio Systems upgrades
— Special LED lighting upgrades
— Handrails/Shade Umbrellas
Maintenance Costs:
During normal use, hot tub water needs only to be changed about three times a year. Each fill up in the Long Island, NY area will require about $10 worth of water. You may want to change your water a little more often if you are using the hot tub frequently with friends and family.
As for electric charges, running a Bullfrog Spa in the Long Island area will cost about $25 per month.
Each Bullfrog Spa purchased at Long Island Hot Tub comes with a chemical start up package.
It will require about $350 additional per year to keep pristine clean water for such products as: the Spa Frog System, Shock pH plus, minus and Alkalinity, Foam Away and Test Strips.
Custom Installations
Long Island Hot Tub specializes in custom installations the cost of which is determined by the complexity of the design and the materials required.
Hot Tub Accessories:
Hot tub covers - especially with a Cover Lifter - which come standard in Long Island Hot Tub Bullfrog Spa packages — make it easy to cover and uncover a hot tub.
Hot Tub Accessories:
When it comes to practical and durable steps, if you don't want custom made, we recommend DuraSteps by Leisure Concepts, which come standard with all Long Island Hot Tub spa packages.
Hot Tub Use:
Most of our clients use their hot tub frequently in winter; costs for electricity nonetheless averages only $25.00 per month. Each fill up in the Long Island, NY area will require about $10 worth of water.
Custom Hot Tub Installations:
Set high on a custom platform, the spa is conveniently located just steps out their back door. Their portable Bullfrog Spa was encased in mahogany-hued PVC board to match the deck planks, creating a seamless installation
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