How to Prepare Your Pond for Winter

Aquascape Inc.
by Aquascape Inc.
You have two options for your pond when winter rolls around. You can either leave it running or shut it down. If you leave it running, you'll be rewarded with beautiful ice formations. If you shut it down, simply follow a few easy steps. More information on winterizing your pond can be found on our website at
If you leave your pond running during winter, you'll be rewarded with beautiful scenery.
If you shut your pond down for winter, remove leaves and debris - make sure to get down to the bottom of the pond.
Remove the pump from the skimmer and store it inside.
Be sure to aerate the water for your pond fish!
In very cold climates, you may need to use a Pond Deicer to keep a hole in the ice for exchange of gasses.
If you decide to keep the pond running, make sure to add water on occasion. You will lose a little water due to evaporation.
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