A Reservoir of Water — Come Rain or Come Shine

Collecting the water at the lower level of this lovely water feature (stream and waterfalls) is a pondless reservoir. The Aquascape RainXchange reservoir was designed by Deck and Patio to seemingly disappear into the gravel instead of being collected.
“Instead of an above ground pond, the stream and waterfall water is totally collected below ground. This rainwater harvesting reservoir acts as a 'green' maintenance-free source for the water feature that can run from March through December, 24-7,” says our Outdoor Living Expert, Bill Renter. “City water is not used. The water is harvested totally from rainfall on the roof of the house. Gravity alone collects it into pipes.”
The pondless system is also valued for safety reasons. With no above-ground collecting pond, our clients, who have three young children, preferred this system. The four-foot-high-by-eight-foot-wide waterfall spills into a large landing area, and then travels down a narrow stream, around the side of a lounging patio where it disappears behind evergreens into our pondless reservoir.
This water feature’s harvested rainwater not only supplies the stream and waterfall, but it can provide water for plants during droughts — helping to keep things green (in every sense of the word): Come rain or come shine.
Anyone watching the fabulous new reality series — Pond Stars — will have seen this very Aquascape RainXchange system highlighted in its first episode.
Eliminating Backyard Noise Problems
Pondless waterfalls cascading over imported moss rock boulders helps eliminates noise. Waterfall’s pristine clear water is collected at end of feature in a pondless reservoir.
Water Feature Landscaping
Bright plantings with green ground cover and water plants, along with river stone gravel, contribute to the natural look and serenity of this setting. The feature gets winterized in December and starts up again in March. Every spring we come in to spruce up the plantings, adding perennials, annuals and mulch.
Small Patio/Sitting Area
Techo-Bloc pavers were used to make this idyllic small patio sitting area next to the water feature. Engineered in Canada, these pavers can well handle the freeze/thaw that occurs in our corner of the Northeast.
Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Because the water stored in the Aquascape RainXchange™ System is constantly moving and being aerated, it naturally becomes a sanctuary for wildlife.
Rainwater Harvesting
This ‘green’ RainExchange process combines a decorative water feature with a completely sub-surface collection system -- thereby creating a beautiful backyard oasis that is very eco-friendly.
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