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by Sumetha
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We live in southern NJ. My husband and I built a small preformed pond 16 years ago. it was only 18 inch deep, suddenly in 2014 after the bad winter most of our fish died. Found out the pond was not deep enough, plus we had too many koi's. So we decided to build a big one, we priced it out, the pond companies were asking too much money. So we decided to tackle the project our self. After watching so many YouTube videos and tons of reading, with a help of our neighbor’s friend who owned a backhoe helped us with the digging. (Thanks Joe) The pond is 33 feet by 35 feet wide. and 4.5feet in depth (in the middle part of the pond) have three shelves around. After the initial digging of the pond, we had to go in and cut all the roots and clean out the shelving and scoop out any rocks and soil that you don't need. The quote for this pond by a pond builder was 59,750. (not kidding). It cost us fraction of the price, we used all high end materials too. You can see the price at the bottom of the page. We did this entire thing in four weeks. We worked on weekends(12 to 13 hours a day)and some evenings. Also here is the link to our garden.. https://get.google.com/albumarchive/114918588986533270665/album/AF1QipPgqtDp_y2SzOtj3SLlnX0sVYQZ4KY_-_HTAF35 If anyone need any information on selecting material or about making a pond. Please ask here. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Make sure that the pond is level on all sides before placing the liner. once you fill the pond there is no going back. So make sure its level.

Cut all the roots and remove any sharp objects that could damage the liner.

leveling and final clean up before laying the liner

we put down some old carpet to protect the liner. You can also purchase the padding they sell for ponds, but will cost another 500 dollars for this size pond.

We used some old pool cover (tarp) on top the carpet for additional protection

Laid out the liner (very heavy you need 4 to five ppl) then filled the water. took us two days to fill the pond (about 9000 gallon)

Time to install the skimmer and the pump while the pond is getting filled.

ran the plumbing from the skimmer to the waterfall and buried all the plumping along the pond.

Still work in progress. We did the waterfalls and some rocks. We have to hide the back of the waterfall unit with rocks and add rocks around. But its too cold here to do anything right now. We have to wait till spring to do that and landscape around the pond. I will update Mean while enjoy the tour of my little sanctuary.


took this pic in May after planting some plants etc

fish are doing well. You can see the fishing line going across so the birds wont catch the fish, also We have a floating alligator scares the birds away,

We put fishing line across the pond so the birds wont catch the fish. Plus the fake floating alligator helps as well. we also put fishing line from one to tree to another that way heron wont land (we had Heron problem in the past with our small pond. We lost lot of Koi's to Heron)


Suggested materials:
  • 50 x 50 45 mil Firestone Liner   (Shop online for all material- $1490)
  • Net over for winter/ and protection from bird   ($180)
  • Aquascape Pond X-Large waterfalls   ($950)
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