My "Junkique" Garden Spots Around Our Country/Prim Home Sweet Home

by DeanJacobsMcCall
One of my old rusty wheelbarrows filled with pretty posies :D
My outhouse that my husband made for me several of years ago.
My "faux cabin porch" that sits by my garden pond, that I designed & decorated; I hired our neighbor to build it for me in 2012. I've always wanted a small cabin by a pond & this will have to do for now. :D
A farther away view of my faux cabin porch.
The old wooden pump was a gift from a friend; she gave it to me because she thought it would look right at home at our place. :D
The sweet pea is a poppin' all around your place.
My old rusty wagon full of posies.
"Faux cabin porch" close up.
View of the garden pond by the faux cabin porch.
Full close up view of our" Cabin" garden spot..My favorite spot for R & R. :D
I do love Lobellia, especially the blue.
My old junkique pump-a fav of mine. :D
My old junkique manure spreader; a Mother's Day gift in the late 70's. :D
Our front porch with my grandparents old trunks displayed, welcoming our family & friends to our home.
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  • Donna N Terry Wiemers Donna N Terry Wiemers on Jul 13, 2014
    Oh my.. I have a hillbilly backyard that my husband brings home junk and it is embarrassing.. I would never have thought to build a garden around the junk to hide.. I do love junk but not all metals and pipes.. Thank you for sharing your inspired me to look forward doing this when weather cools off... south Texas is too hot now..

    • DeanJacobsMcCall DeanJacobsMcCall on Jul 13, 2014
      Thank you Donna for such a neat comment; I love what I call junkiques, & think they add so much interest to my garden, especially when the flowers start dying away...I lived in Tennessee a few yrs. it's where my Mom was from so I think I have it in my blood..:D @Donna N Terry Wiemers

  • Dixie Dixie on Aug 29, 2014