Our New Pond.

Joan A
by Joan A
This last winter after looking all over the web I came across a picture. It was one of using a old tractor tire for a pond. I had just the place for one of my own. So after talking the hubby into it. I now have my own pond. It turned out so much nicer than I had imagined it. We went to the local John Deere Company and they gave us a old worn out tire. Even loaded it onto the pick-up for us. Then the work started. Now that the pond is almost finished and we have fish in it, a raccoon has decided we have opened a sushi bar. So we have borrowed a trap. Tonight we will bait it with some dog food and hope we catch him.
The flower bed just outside my front door had become over grown. So we decided to place the pond here. We dug out the flowers, divided them and placed them in other spots in the yard. I also gave some away.
Hubby had gotten started digging when we got rain...
and more rain,,, He went out 3 times in a couple weeks and took a bucket to get the water out so it would dry up. About the time it was almost dry it would rain again filling the hole totally up.
Finally the hold was dry enough to dig on again. I just had to sit the concrete fish in the hole for a couple days. Company got a laugh at it.
Then he started digging again.
and leveling the hole for the tire to be in the ground level.
He got the tire installed and then dug out the center of the tire deeper.
We laid a bunch of newspapers into the bottom so rocks wouldn't poke holes into the liner.
I got into the hold and had a cup of coffee while I waited for the water from our rain barrels to fill the pond. I straightened the liner as it filled.
The liner shaped real nice. The inside of the tire made for a ledge to sit the lights on. At night its beautiful with the lights on in it.
Then we got a bunch of flat rocks and Hubby moved them around and around until he had them sitting just right.
Then we bought some clear tubing and ran it up inside a old pump I had in the flower bed (see pic 1)
So close to being done. In goes 6 koi.
The pond is done but we need to finish moving gravel around. I now have 4 fish. A raccoon has helped himself. So we borrowed a trap. I'm hoping to relocate him far, far away real soon.
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  • Pies Pies on Jul 10, 2016
    All garden ponds should be built with at least one sloped, shallow side, without overhang, to allow anything that falls in to climb back out. What you've got here is a deathtrap for wildlife like hedgehogs etc.

    • Glenna Kennedy Glenna Kennedy on Jul 11, 2016
      perhaps something in the pond itself like a larger rock that the animal can climb up on?

  • Andrea Paola Perez Cimma Andrea Paola Perez Cimma on Sep 21, 2018

    It Will be neccesary put into the water a bomb for keep clean the water?

    • Joan A Joan A on Sep 21, 2018

      We have a filter on the pump plus a uv light bought through amazon to kill alge.