Part II: When Is an In-ground Custom Spa the Right Choice?

Note: This week is the second in a two-part post covering the wonderful options for in-ground spas. Part one was posted last Sunday, March 30th.Many of Long Island Hot Tub’s clients have chosen a custom, in-ground spa because it can be designed to fit almost any space requirement, design tastes, and budget. When budget and space allow, it is common for in-ground spas to be connected to a swimming pool, in order to share the same motor, filters and power source.
However, according to our outdoor living expert, that does not need to be the case.When space is limited, a spa, perhaps with a waterfall, can create a beautiful backyard retreat on its own. Simply adding boulders and turning the spillover that would normally go into a pool into a larger waterfall, creates a fabulous water feature.
Other options when space is tight are custom in-ground “spools.” Spools are a combination pool/spa in one feature with the advantages of both. Again, with the addition of a waterfall, and perhaps a gas fire pit or natural gas campfire, as well as an expansive patio, suddenly your backyard becomes party central even though space is at a premium.
Custom In-ground Spa
The finished project includes two-foot-high spillway from spa into pool. The spa and boulder work was specifically carved into the hillside to enhance a sense of enclosure and deal with the severity of the gradient change.
Vinyl-lined In-Ground Spas
Today’s vinyl liners are made with an algaecide that deters the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae. This makes keeping your spa clean much easier. Another important consideration is custom vinyl spas can be ready for enjoyment in as little as three to six weeks depending on weather and town inspections.
Pool/Spa Combo with Patio
For a fun place to entertain, the clients wanted a pool or water feature and a patio. Because of space and other considerations, the decision was to create a “spool” or a pool/spa combination. The clients loved that the spool will stay cool during hot summer days and can be heated up on a cool evening.
Combo Pool/Spa: “Spool”
The waterfall that flows into the spa can be regulated to keep the water cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. Larger than a regular spa, the spa aspect of this spool feature gives the homeowners a great place to soak and relax in plenty of room, without the work of maintaing a larger size pool.
Spill-over Spa with Geometric Pool
As many historical novel lovers know, “taking the waters” has been a preferred method of relaxing since the first human discovered a natural hot spring bubbling up and steaming.

It is not surprising that for such a luxury outdoor retreat as this, the clients wanted just such a wellness spa. The clients were looking for a modern, or traditional look, with expansive patios and an attached spillover spa to the pool, which was achieved.

This lovely geometric classic pool and in-ground raised spillover spa should last 25 years or more. Photo:
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