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Surrounding Landscapes Inc.
by Surrounding Landscapes Inc.
Ok... I usually do not like kits but we needed a water feature for a recent project and custom was not in the budget. We purchased this "pond in a box" and for around $800.00 it came with stone and everything. I was suprised how nice it turned out and still allowed for us to be creative with the layout. This is a great DIY project for someone who would like to build a pond and is unsure of what materials they may need. It is not for those who want a large pond but great for a small space!
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  • Nancy laverick Nancy laverick on Mar 12, 2013
    I love the way you did your pond ,and coming from a Bo's is wonderful....not everyone is creative , like to see yours ,it's great. even nicer when your plants get real mature. thanks for sharing

  • Elvira Howell Elvira Howell on Mar 08, 2018

    No, I would not. the pond looks great. the reason i would not use the box is because I guess i am lucky, I live in northern Az and here cleaning your property means picking up ROCKS. Lots of them, big, little any kind. and also we are the capitol of FLAG STONE. And we can go to the pits and use any rocks from the discard piles. So all i need to buy are 2 things, pump liner to make my pond , lucky huh?