Pondless Waterfall Renovation in Northern New Jersey

3 Days
This waterfall needed some serious help. It was constructed using a lot of large boulders, liner, and concrete. Unfortunately for the customer it never functioned properly. The basin was initially to small, and it lost all of its water within a couple of hours.
We dismantled the entire existing waterfall and basin and started over using just liner and less than half of the existing boulders to create this beautiful waterfall lining the driveway as you drive up to the house. Two of us and a large machine were able to transform this non-functioning feature into a functioning waterfall in 3 days. To learn more about A Frog's Dream please visit us at www.afrogsdream.com.
Before: Non Functioning Pondless Waterfall in Long Valley, NJ
After: Last Fall of Pondless Waterfall in Long Valley, NJ. This rock is positioned where the far end of the blade is on the machine in the Before Picture.
Close Up Shot of waterfall in Long Valley, NJ
Entire Pondless in Long Valley, NJ . This is a dry basin. The rock on the left serves as a bench where the owner has coffee in the mornings and relaxes.
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  • Thanks Aquascape Inc.!

  • Connie K Connie K on May 11, 2014
    I have loved the pondless waterfall long before they were as well known as they are now. This is one of the nicest, most natural builds I have seen. Would love to have something this lovely in my back yard. Hey, after I finish my coffee, will someone please bring me my Kindle?