Spa/Hot Tub Basics for the Uninitiated

With so many portable ones available, it doesn’t take much more than a love of the outdoors to own a hot tub these day. However, for the newbie -- or uninitiated -- there are some basics that will help you as you take the plunge.
Hot Tub Basics
There is a spa to satisfy every need, space requirement and budget. Spas are similar in many ways to pools, but with delicious differences. Spas have hydro jets of gentle or powerful streams of water emanating from the sides of the unit to calm the rawest nerves or aching muscles. Pool water temperature is maintained about 78 to 82 degrees F., but the spa gets tuned up to higher temperatures to warm body and soul.
Certain spa manufacturers offer hot tubs in many sizes and configurations, and some can accommodate up to eight people. There is a wide selection of spa interior colors and exterior finishes. Many can be installed almost anywhere, can sit on a surface such as a deck or patio, recessed in a deck, or installed flush level on a patio.
Portable spas do require a dedicated electric line and plumbing lines to fill and drain the unit. The installation of all spas must be in accordance with national and local wiring rules. Always have a licensed Electrician perform the electrical installation.
An in-ground spa may be an integral part of a pool, separate to it, or on its own. Many hot tub dealers are also able to design and build custom in-ground spas as well. And you can always give a portable spa the built-in look with a little landscaping creativity.

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Portable Bullfrog Spa: Even waterside, a portable spa is a great idea for relaxing hydrotherapy and wellness that a boat ride just doesn’t provide
Hot Tub Patio: A hot tub can be set into a patio for a built-in look while allowing the hot tub’s plumbing to be easily accessible.
In-ground Spa: Keeping a spa separate and functioning with its own controls, allows it to run late into the season -- and, in the Northeast, perhaps all winter long!
Hot Tub Surround: Even an aboveground portable spa can be made to appear in-ground by careful landscaping
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  • Colleen Knight Colleen Knight on May 18, 2014
    This is a dream of mine as well and we have been talking more and more about getting one. Sooner rather than later though...I hope!

  • Tracey Clayton Tracey Clayton on Jul 10, 2018

    Adding spa would definitely give the modern touch into your garden. Since we bought swim spa I’m enjoying free time with my hubby. The best investment ever!!!