Transformation of the backyard for bird lovers

Southern Trillium LLC
by Southern Trillium LLC
We had the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple in transforming their backyard. The lady found us here on Hometalk. As you will see in the before photos, the existing yard gave us the opportunity to start with a clean slate and remove all grass from the backyard.
Since they both love their birds, several goals of the project were to further incorporate the wildlife activity in their garden. The focal point remained the main set of feeders, and we worked to enhance the setting around it. We also knew that when they go to sell the house, it needed to stand alone without the feeders.
We enhanced the area by creating elevations in the yard with informal dry stack fieldstone walls. We also created a sitting area with a small pondless water feature, mainly to serve as a water source for the birds. We designed and installed the stream to create slower moving sections of water that birds will be able to bathe and drink from. By being a pondless feature, the overall maintenance is reduced for the homeowners. We used a larger slab of natural stone to bridge the stream to turn the sitting area into a destination area, even though it is only a few steps from the main path. The stream and bridge allow it to be feel set apart from the rest of the garden area.
The homeowners are thrilled, and as the husband said to describe their new garden, "For you bird lovers, eat your heart out."
Looking across the newly installed backyard area with the bird feeders serving as the focal point in their garden. Informal dry stack fieldstone walls create new terrace levels. We then used a combination of flagstone and several types of groundcovers to create movement and interest through the entire space.
Before view across the backyard.
Before view of the sitting area and pondless water feature location.
The newly installed sitting area with the pondless water feature.
A closer look at the stream and bridge stone.
A different view of the stream running along the sitting area.
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  • Connie Sue K Connie Sue K on May 25, 2012
    I wish I lived near Southern Trillium. I would have them do a similar job in my yard! This is absolutely beautiful! Very expert work and great design!

  • Michelle W Michelle W on Jan 17, 2013
    Water features are an art and difficult to get correct. So many people use mixed up boulders and rocks that would never be found together and a path or pattern that is not natural. This however, is a job well done. I am sure the homeowners as well as the wildlife are happy as can be. Congratulations, it looks beautiful!