Who Doesn't Want a Backyard Paradise?

Aquascape Inc.
by Aquascape Inc.
Let's face it. Life gets busy with work, kids, and activity of all sorts. You need a place to unwind and de-stress when you get home and we can't think of a better place than a backyard paradise like this gorgeous water garden with lush aquatic plants and pond fish! Visit our website for more ideas and inspiration on outdoor living spaces. www.aquascapeinc.com
Comfy patio seating provides an up-close view of the pond.
When done right, ponds are low-maintenance and naturally balanced.
This is the view of the pond that the homeowners see when stepping out on their back deck.
A variety of aquatic plants provide beauty as well as help to filter the pond water.
A close-up of the pond's waterfall; critical for aerating the water.
Gorgeous waterlilies provide pops of color at the surface of the pond.
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