A New Porch Is Not Complete Without Flower Boxes

Beverly Coffaro
by Beverly Coffaro
Back in 2012 we decided that our current porch was a hazard so it was time to build a new one. I knew I wanted a pergola instead of a roof and some flower boxes. My brother is my carpenter and he always is willing to build just what I want, even though half the time he thinks I am crazy. Here is how the porch looked when we bought the house in the fall of 2009. Looks pretty scary right!!
Old outdated worn down porch
This is looking through the breezeway from the back of the house to the front. Check out those cement blocks steps into the house....we can do better than that.
Breezeway that doesn't add much appeal.
My brother got right to work as he always does and made me a porch that satisfied all my desires and it is very dog friendly also. Here is the work in progress.
Let the construction begin.
At this point I am so excited to be getting a new porch I can hardly stand it. So to occupy my time while this is being build I am dreaming of how I am going to do some gardening all around this porch. My mind is whirling....
Upper level, lower level.
For the dogs we have added a doggie yard all fenced in that they can access through the porch. I have three Australian shepherds and I live on a main road into town with people walking dogs and riding bicycles, and fast traffic all of which they love to herd. So their safety is one of my main concerns.
Complete with doggie features.
So the fun begins for me now that my brothers job is complete. I will stain the floor a nice warm brown and as you can see stain the fence, railings, and flower boxes a nice green. This is now how the breezeway looks from the back of the house toward the front. Much more inviting don't you think?
Sweet success.
This is the new front porch, I am very pleased with how it all turned out. I have a honeysuckle vine planted and its working its way up and will make a very nice bit of shade for under my pergola.
Cozy and inviting.
Ahh we can't forget my flower boxes custom made for me by my dearest brother. Over the last couple years I have been experimenting with selecting flowers for my boxes and believe I will try again next year with something different. I do like these lobelia in this planter and they are doing quite well but I think I want something with a little more height for a little more privacy from my driveway. Last year I tried some grasses but they did not survive the winter. Maybe it will have to be annuals, either way I love my flower boxes.
A beautiful flower box.
This flower box serves a purpose....if you look close you will see underneath the box is a doggie door for my dogs. They can go in and out of the house freely, across the porch, down through the breezeway and out into their very own yard. The best part of all this is that they are safe.
I see a doggie door.
Here is what I have done for around the front of the new porch with my gardening. I don't know about you but my gardens are always changing and next year this may have different flowers here. I may see something I think will fit or look better in a spot and change it up. I do love changes. I hope you have enjoyed visiting my porch with my fantastic flower boxes and if you don't have a brother that's a carpenter I highly suggest you find yourself one. I am blessed.
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  • Claire Hotto Green Claire Hotto Green on Apr 28, 2016
    What did you use to hold the plants or create the planter above the doggie door?

  • Randy Randy on Jun 28, 2018

    I really like it, that the dogs may do there own thing. I have MS and use a wheelchair and have two little dogs with each one a very little bladder. So l can do so much from my wheelchair and could make one of these for my two little guys. But what about cold & snow ? It going to be 93 in the Northern Part of Lower Michigan But this winter cold & Lots of snow . So are the doggie doors Good enough so l’m not going to have Lot’s of ☃️🐾 in the kitchen. Thank You very much letting me know if the door helps the dogs ok but about my heat bill, and snow coming in for grand kids to build a snow person in the kitchen. Thanks again, Randy

  • Melisa Melisa on Jan 01, 2021

    Would it be possible to get some plans for the dog door cover?

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  • Susan Hogan Susan Hogan on Jun 19, 2016
    What a transformation!

  • Jan Helwig Jan Helwig on Feb 19, 2017
    Thank you so very much! We have a place to store wood with opening to house that we do not use. Thank you so much because this can be easily converted into the pet door/outside planter.