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Deck rails/barricades:

Jody D
by Jody D
So it was time. We could not wait any longer the deck needed major repair. Seeing as we got the whole thing off freecycle and it has lasted about 5 years I wasn't to sad. Except that it was going to cost. I talked husband into the composite stuff. He wants to put the old railing up just with some modification. I had to barricade the dogs in so I put some fencing I had left from last year up against one section. I kind of like the way it looks plus the privacy from neighbors there. I just don't know how I would attach it... thoughts? And yes it is a huge deck.
q deck rails barricades, decks, diy, how to, woodworking projects, Helping keep the boards safe
Helping keep the boards safe.
q deck rails barricades, decks, diy, how to, woodworking projects, see the panels in the back there
see the panels in the back there?
q deck rails barricades, decks, diy, how to, woodworking projects, Watching Daddy work
Watching Daddy work
q deck rails barricades, decks, diy, how to, woodworking projects, Supervising Our only girl furbaby
Supervising......Our only girl furbaby :)
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  • Kelly B Kelly B on Jul 02, 2014
    I am not sure hot to attach tem but you have given me such a great idea to keep Tawny Marie safe on the wrap around porch that we will hvae in about 6 weeks [ at a fixer / upper house in DE., [ a little area just for her to be safe but enjoy the porch also.. ] Most of the porch needs total replacing, which is fine, we are prepped for it and have someone to help, being he is a builder, I will be sure he puts up safe sturdy, fencing for her, like yours, clost together posts, so she can't get her head stuck in there. I am enclosing the pic of the wrap around porch before we buy this house....

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    • Kelly B Kelly B on Jul 03, 2014
      @Kelly S Thank you. Even though I am disabled., we can't wait to get working on the inside and outside.. and this idea for out rescue pup is great, while I am out ont he wrap around porch, she can have a safe paly area close to me. O, and I loved the look of this house and kept telling my hubby for over 1 yr. ""THAT IS MY HOUSE"" - driving past it almost every day until our place sold and we have had a chance at this house..Have a great, safe July 4TH..

  • Roxanne Fischer Roxanne Fischer on Jul 02, 2014
    Recommend posts attached similiar to the rail posts then attach the fence

  • Jody D Jody D on Jul 06, 2014
    Just want to show you the progress we have made..........only five days left to get it done.......oh why didn't we start sooner?

  • Nancy Hinds Nancy Hinds on Jul 07, 2014
    If this is Trex composite...make sure this is the new in improved stuff. We had a whole deck made from it and it just didn't last or let the water and snow shed off- everything just froze or collected water. We had used some of the old stuff to make a ramp railing at church and it had the trademark rough surface- like it was sanded with a bad sander. A friend had their whole decking and staircase made from the old stuff a few years back, and they just had to get an adjuster out for a refund towards a new purchase to replace the really bad pieces. I have seen the newer more improved pieces and they are way better than the old. Smaller and more dense.

  • Jody D Jody D on Jul 08, 2014
    Thanks Nancy. It is the "lowes" brand.. hope it lasts :(

  • Jody D Jody D on Jul 14, 2014
    Just want to give a look at the finished product: