Is it possible to cut one of those outdoor straw carpets?

Diane Ghanem
by Diane Ghanem

I bought an outdoor straw carpet (they dry quicker) on the balcony. And it's a little too wide and a little too long. I was trying to figure out how I could possible make it fit. I know part would Be to just fold the sides.. but I was wondering it there is an easy way to cut it or will it all fray apart?


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  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 06, 2018

    you Can try cutting the matt

    But you may end up taping the perimeter to keep it together. Gorilla tape might do it.

    • Diane Ghanem Diane Ghanem on Jul 06, 2018
      Ok, thank you... I was hoping for some trick... I thought about using the glue gun as I cut, but maybe more trouble and mess than worth it.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jul 06, 2018

    It will fall apart if you cut it unless you sew the edges.

  • Diane Ghanem Diane Ghanem on Jul 06, 2018
    thank you, figured, just thought I'd ask.. in case..

  • Lisa B. Lisa B. on Jul 06, 2018
    We used a ton of this stuff on the walls when we were young marrieds. Looked amazing, wasn't too dear, and...the cat loved running across the apartment and right up the wall. Across the wall. Down the wall...

    Use a long metal straight edge and a sharp utility knife to cut it. If the cut edges are right up against a wall, I wouldn't worry about binding the edges. If not, get a color of duct tape you like, and wrap the edges.

    • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 07, 2018
      I was going to say the same thing. Put the cut edges against the wall and stick down with 2-sided outdoor tape. There may be a bit of fraying from a strong rain, but the tape should help.

  • Lisa B. Lisa B. on Jul 07, 2018

    Truly, fraying will not be a problem unless the edges are getting traffic.

    You do not need to bind the edges in order to make a clean cut--just be sure to use a super sharp blade, and a metal straight edge held down quite firmly.

    NOTE: Please do not let your fingers creep over the edge lest you taper them (I have done that, and it is just as much fun as you think it is).

  • Diane Ghanem Diane Ghanem on Jul 08, 2018

    Hello everyone, thank you for all your assistance.