My back yard is atrocious!! All I have is a few stones serving as a pa

q my back yard is atrocious all i have is a few stones serving as a pa
q my back yard is atrocious all i have is a few stones serving as a pa
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  • Cat Cat on Jul 05, 2018

    You could pull up the old ones, and DIY some stepping stones. Plant some shade loving perennials (hostas), and I can't tell if you have any overhang, but hanging plants can make it look nice too. Good Luck!

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jul 05, 2018
    First... you need to decide HOW you want to use the area....
    A quick Google Search: ideas for a small patio using pavers... choose the "more images" selection.... print off the photos that you like to compare later
    Next...need to decide what kind of materials you want to or will need to work with to keep to your budget (however large, or small, that may be)
    for example... you could use the paving stones you have to make a "rug" to set a table and chairs on and surround it with pea stone or gravel... (when you do the search above.. click the photo(s) you like and then choose the "visit" tab)... You might not be able to accomplish everything all at once... my husband and I have often taken the "on payday" approach.... buy 5 or 10 or 20 paving stones each pay day... and just set them aside until we have enough for the project.... and FYI if you need to make them (sort of) match... you can paint them or stencil them or use 2 colors in a checkerboard or more colors randomly... and you can often find "free stuff" listed just for picking them up.

  • I would definitely add some bright color... that's the easiest way to rejuvenate a space like that. Put some more pavers down and create a seating area with some lounge chairs and a low table. Add a few large potted flowering plants for more color. Good luck!

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jul 05, 2018
    Hi Peggy Lynn, It looks like you have a nice size yard from the reflection in the glass. What I would do is pull up the pavers that are there. If you want to use pavers for the new patio, you can save them and just get more. Get them in different colors and put them in a random pattern. You don't have to make it square or rectangle, you could make it with different areas all connected. Let you imagination run wild. I wouldn't put them near all of the wires running up the house, though. I would plant a nice size shrub there to block them. You could actually make a garden there with a few evergreen and flowering shrubs and colorful flowers around them and maybe a water feature. There are so many different kind to choose from.
    I would make the patio a good size and put a table, umbrella and chairs on one part. A separate part could have a seating area with some comfy seats and end tables. You could even put a fire pit there. Be sure to put some shrubs and flowers around the patio and some along the fence. Plant a few trees for shade. Part of the yard could be reserved for games like cornhole, horse shoes, lawn darts, etc. I would find something nicer to divert the gutter runoff. There are a lot of options online. Kind of like these.
    You also need to turn over the weeds and put down sod or plant grass seed. It will take time to get everything done. Do one thing at a time starting with the patio and work out from there. Good luck.

  • Shuganne Shuganne on Jul 05, 2018
    First of all the drain pipe has to go. IF it's non-negotiable, install it underground as a plastic French drain. This is from Menards for $39.98. There are other options out there, too.

    4" x 10' EZ-Drain: Prefabricated French Drain with Fabric Sock
    Model Number: EZ-0802F
    Menards® SKU: 6893990
    Variation: White
    Then, what is that ground cover and are you happy with it? I hate mowing as much as the next person, so if you can fill it in with a mow-free perennial, go for it. I like the other Hometalkers' ideas for flowers and a few more patio pavers. A path to the car would be nice for rainy days to keep your feet dry.

    My eyes were immediately drawn to the jumble of wires and boxes just past the grill. How about buying a 4'x8' sheet of lattice and building a sturdy frame around it. Then attach another piece of the framework to the side of the house just between the grill and the start of the jumble. Attach the lattice to the framework with door hinges. Cover it with real or plastic vines. The frame can be swung out if you ever need access to those thing-a-ma-bobs, but it will cover the eyesore. You could paint it (and the fence) the same color as the house to help camoflage everything. Or, use a bright cheery white to offset the lovely shade.

    We've given you tons of ideas, so now it's your turn to think and pick what appeals to you, Peggy. (That's one of my sister's names 😊) This is more of a several weeks' project, so take your time and do a bit, see how you like it, and keep going. Now, you have to promise to take plenty of pics and share, along the way and when it's finished!! Don't hesitate to ask any time you have more questions.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 05, 2018
    Kill off existing weeds, etc. with Round Up, till or scratch surface after wait period and reseed, keep watered, cover with straw until seed germinates, or lay sod and keep watered. Plants in pots will give you bursts of color, unless you want to dedicate an area to flowers. In that case, define the area, kill weeds with black plastic, then plant perennials, shrubs, etc., mulch 3-4 inches and keep watered, or install soaker hoses on a timer. Small tree planted in yard or in large pot near patio will provide some shade, if necessary. Items in pots should be able to withstand cold temps, or bring indoors for winter.