How can I make my front door pop?


Please what would you suggest to make my beautiful front door pop? My porch is so plain.

q plain jane porch

Please could you suggest how I could make my porch have a much better curb appeal? it is winter time so it is at it's worse. Thank you!

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  • Gk Gk on Jan 12, 2019

    I think I would leave that front door as is and add more color to the decor! More plants, some cushions on the chairs, some hanging decor on the brick, add a colorful outdoor rug. Maybe paint the porch ceiling and posts a different color.

  • Billie Billie on Jan 12, 2019

    Cute porch. I'd put a mantel on the brick and make it a faux fireplace, decorate it for the holidays!

  • Lisa Lisa on Jan 12, 2019

    Lovely porch! You need some color. Indoor outdoor rug under the chairs? Not sure if you want to paint the brick or not. If was me I would paint it white to match siding and hang a nice piece of metal art there. Paint the door a bright color. I would put several potted plants at varying heights near each column to bring in more color.

  • Jan Jan on Jan 12, 2019

    mini lites in the side windows or a nice sheer ? I put stick on art deco decor on mine and it made the porch, this was a few years ago....don't know if they are sold any more, found them at Jo-Ann's.

  • Cathy Baxley Usry Cathy Baxley Usry on Jan 12, 2019

    Wow! Great suggestions!!! Thank you all so very much!!!!

  • Marilynjo.smith Marilynjo.smith on Jan 13, 2019

    I would make a choice between accenting the door or chimney brick then leave the 1st Choice and paint the other to blend with the Porch!

  • Ginger Ginger on Jan 13, 2019

    I like Lisa's suggestions and agree the brick overpowers the door - the chairs are not balanced to ea side so tweak that and put bushy plant on table to cover some of it and I like the metal art idea over it on the brick ( painted or not)

    Rug definitely and bright cushions ...

    and address the planting area below in front with actual planted low bushes or colorful flowers etc - the pots on stands are distracting - and off balance so keep the 2 Best maybe for plants on the porch at sides - healthy ones

    I know the glass door is handy but it does obscure the door .... but try these other ideas first and see .... before taking it off and painting the door

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Sep 30, 2021

    Paint the front door a fun color. It's a great and easy way to add a pop of color and update an old look.