Asked on Apr 23, 2013

Should I waterproof a deck that is lower to the ground?

Wahoo Decks
by Wahoo Decks
Suppose your deck is a bit lower to the ground. There are still advantages of using a waterproof deck, for example, this home uses their under deck for storage and we love the way they designed it as well!
What's your design advice for someone who has a deck that's lower to the ground?
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  • DF McElwee DF McElwee on May 05, 2013
    It depends on how low to the ground it really is. A good rule of thumb for (wood) is this: If it gets wet from the weather or close enough to the ground you can feel the wood is damp then it is going to rot sooner rather than later and definitely should be waterproofed. If it is waterproof materials, then there would be no need to waterproof something that is already waterproof no?

  • Phil Phil on May 05, 2013
    yes you should actually, the moisture from the ground can eat a deck drastically. I would definitely seal the deck.

  • Wahoo Decks Wahoo Decks on May 06, 2013
    Hi @DF McElwee and @Phil I couldn't agree more. Waterproofing a deck, even one as low to the ground as shown in the picture is beneficial for storing and for keeping the deck's longevity. Thanks for the input!