Reuse Empty Bottles For A Garden Border

Soak off bottle labels and use a rubber mallet to beat the bottle into the soil. Get tutorial here

Do A German Mortar Smear On The House

Mix two bags of sand and one bag of white cement, and apply on wet surface. Get tutorial here

Landscape Around Your Front Door

Remove old shrubs and fill the beds with topsoil. Get tutorial here

Plant Colorful Perennials

Dig up a holes, scrape the weeds, and lay down plastic before putting down the flowers. Get tutorial here

Build A White Picket Fence

Measure out how big you desire the fence, cut accordingly, and paint over a bright white. Get tutorial here

Have A Show Stopping Mailbox

Trace out the general ship design and attach using wood glue. Get tutorial here

Replace Plants Behind A Stone Wall

Remove the plants that are in the way of your wall and mark each stone placement with a stick. Get tutorial here

Hide Eyesores With A Privacy Screen

Purchase pressure treated lumber and drill pilot holes. Get tutorial here

Plot An Easy Garden Bed

Begin laying out the shape of the bed by using a hose and lay newspaper on the new bed. Get tutorial here