The Use of Artificial Grass for Public Playgrounds

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In recent years, the use ofsynthetic lawn products in public parks and playground areas has started toincrease across the US,with playground visitors across different states seeing a more standardized anduniform look regarding their children's play areas. This is to offer children amore safe and protective location to play on as well as minimize maintenancecosts.

Since playgrounds aretypically high traffic areas, this will make a big difference in the long run, asmore than 200,000 children suffer from playground-related injuries in the USevery year. As such, injuries are widespread and, at times, the injuries achild sustains after a fall could actually be exacerbated due to the hardsurface they land on. Here are a handful of advantages that faux lawn products possessover real grass for playgrounds.

1. For playground locationswhere children are running to and fro, a high level of visitors means that continuoususe of the ground will gradually compress the playground surface and it willinadvertently become rock hard and very unforgiving if a child was to fall. Studieshave shown that up to 25 percent of playground surface flooring becomescompacted due to intense weather conditions and continuous foot traffic, so a springierand forgiving synthetic surface makes much more sense from a safetyperspective.

2. Manmade playground flooringrequires little to no maintenance, plus it is much cheaper to replace anyaffected areas instead of having to remove the entire area from scratch.Although rubber tile surfaces were popular a decade or so ago, their color tendsto fade rapidly and they have been known to break or crack after a few yearstoo. Weeds are also prone to grow in playgrounds, especially around the peripheralborders. After an artificial grass installation, it is much more difficult forweeds to grow.

3. Harsh changes in weather,heavy rainfall and extreme temperatures that occur over the years can severely misshapethe area. However, synthetic lawns that are kept in tiptop shape cope well withnatural weathering and are therefore much more preferable to the concrete orasphalt surfaces that are installed instead. This is one of the reasons thatdaycares are replacing out-of-date surfaces with new artificial turf, orloose-fill materials such as hardwood fiber mulch, woodchips, pea gravel, or shreddedrecycled rubber.

The older Astroturf productsthat were used during the seventies and early eighties were not very durableand also felt hard to the touch. But with numerous technological advancesthroughout the synthetic turf industry, artificial grass has become widelyaccepted as an environmentally friendly natural grass substitute that looks andfeels just like the real thing.
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