Total Makeover: Garden Shed, Potting Bench and a New Home for My Herbs

by AnaAlvarez
3 Materials
1 Week
With a few gallons of paint and two repurposed tables I rescued from an old shed, I created a little herb garden and a pottting bench, where I spend hours during Spring and Summer
The little shed was standing there, all alone.
I could see the good intentions of the former owners: a small fence that was never finished but was already aged; some pieces of wood on place ready to become raised beds  some day.....and the shed itself, wearing its original paint. Because we were moving to the farm and had lot of work to do, I didn't want to spend a lot of time remodeling this little corner, but definitelly it needed some help. 
We applied Behr red barn to the shed walls and white barn paint to the shed trims and fence. And because we have deers visiting us every day, we finished the fence with some metal T posts and wire we already had. I decided painting the two raised beds also with the red barn paint
In front of the shed there is a huge appricot tree and underneath, three rhubarb plants that make a beautiful frame to the whole scene
We repurposed a tool table we removed from an old shed that we demolished (you can see that project in my post called " a shed in the wrong place"). I converted it to a potting bench. Added some rocks to this area and some shelfs. 
Over time, I added different herbs and by the wall planted some hop plants which grow very well in our area.
Hop plants grow fast during Summer . They form a heavy curtaine that helps cool down the temperature inside the shed
We added a little door at the entrance of the herbs garden and planted a grape that is growing very next project in this area is to build a pergola where the grape can grow and will make a beautiful entrance to the garden. I'm also planning in expanding the garden to the back
Suggested materials:
  • 5 gal red barn and fence exterior paint   (Home Depot)
  • T posts
  • Fence wire
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