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When we move to the Small House we had no sidewalks or pathways to enter our home. While this is not uncommon in rural areas, the real problem became that every time we walked out to the car our shoes got soaked with the dew from the grass. I took to wearing my muck boots and carrying the shoes I planned to wear but it was a real pain for me and a bit embarrassing for my guests.
So we began to save up our money for sidewalks and I began to make my plans for what I wanted.
Because we own a ranch-style home with long linear lines I knew I wanted curving walkways. We also have two driveways, one driveway as you approach our homes front door and another at the pole barn/garage, a short walk away.
We also have an issue with too narrow doorways in the former garage side of our home and anything large like a sofa or a refrigerator has to arrive using a dolly through our second front door and that meant cement that runs up to the kick board and door frame.
So each sidewalk had its own unique needs. I designed three unique, and I hope, striking and noteworthy sidewalks and worked my landscaping beds around them to create both beautiful and functional walkways.
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This is my favorite sidewalk as it seriously curved and takes me from our porch to our bird feeding bed.
Another view of the curving sidewalk the spring after it was poured before the landscaping was done.
The east sidewalk meanders fro driveway to porch around the crab apple tree and invites visitors to sit a spell in one of two benches.
Late winter view of the sidewalk that runs parallel to our home. You can view the curve and limestone bench at the end.
The same view along the front of the Small House but several years later as the landscaping fills in.
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  • Sally Thierer Sally Thierer on Mar 24, 2014
    Lovely. I too need sidewalks. I have one from the street to my front door but none from my driveway to my house which causes a considerable amount of dirt in my house. The one in front consists of flagstone in red and blue. I cannot find it anywhere locally. Does anyone know where to find this, or a reasonable substitute?

  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Mar 24, 2014
    Thanks Sally Yes, I would want both sidewalks to match too. I really wanted flagstones but the cost was prohibitive for three sidewalks all done at once. Plus with 7 months of snow, freezing and thawing I'm not convinced they would hold up well here in SW MI.