Natural Stone & Brick Patios With Natural Stone Walkways

by Cepontzsons
This Project consisted of lifting the existing bricks and storing them on site, remove a portion of the existing brick walls and remove wall caps, install new flagstone wall caps to provide 1″ overhang on each side, pressure wash sitting walls, excavate the existing patio stone dust base and discard of it, excavate patio to proper base depth of 8″+- and install a proper 2A Modified stone base.
We then installed a 1″ sand setting bed and reinstalled the existing brick pavers.
The new installation also included drainage pipe and catches to allow water to escape the patio and drain beyond the foot print of the patio, house and shed.
Also included were removal the existing upper flagstone patio and walking path, leveling the path and lay larger pieces of flagstone in the upper patio.
We will also install proper joint material between the flagstone for a more uniform walking surface.
We also used the existing flagstone to make small garden paths in place of the brick paths.
Lastly, included was grading a small swale in the back lawn to divert water around to the sides of the house and away from the rear patio area.
A drainage system along the right side of the shed to collect ground water as well as downspouts along that side of the shed and carport and move the water to the street through 4″ solid drainage pipes was also installed
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