Combine Solar Lights With Jack Stands

Spray paint several coats of black on the stands and reinforce the solar rod through the jack stand. Get tutorial here

Fit A Light In A Stump

Remove the solar lights from the post, drill a paddle through the center, and put the lights through. Get tutorial here

Create A Neon Colored Chandelier

Stack 3 magnets to the bottoms of the solar light, gently push in light, and spray paint the chandelier. Get tutorial here

Affix Multicolored Water Drops

Unscrew the handle to the hose bib, pull the lights through the hose bib, and gather in drops. Get tutorial here

Craft An Angel From Dishes

Use E6000 to glue the edges of 2 curved crescent plates onto a vase, and put solar light inside. Get tutorial here

Top Of Solar Lights With A Cap

Tap off the light of the solar post caps and score the edges before topping on solar lights. Get tutorial here

Twist Twigs Into A Chandelier

Tie and knot the edges of the twigs together and decorate with ornaments or baubles. Get tutorial here

Brighten Up Your Address Numbers

Freehand or stencil on the numbers, pull the lights off the stems, and place on the jar caps. Get tutorial here

Wrap Rope Around A Lamp

Remove the wiring in the lamp, glue the rope from the bottom up with E6000, and secure the light with batting. Get tutorial here

Hang Solar Lights In The Garden

Use a soldering iron to poke a hole in plastic cups, make a circle, and stick solar light strings through. Get tutorial here

Put The Light Between Soda Cans

Cut a strip out of the soda cans, snip out the form of a leaf, and surround around a solar light. Get tutorial here

Combine A Hanging Planter And Solar Lamps

Drill three holes into the solar table lamps, twist the wire between the planter and lamp, then hang. Get tutorial here

Hammer A Nail Into A Tin Can

Fill the can with water and freeze overnight, then hammer a nail in the design you want. Get tutorial here

Hook Crystals Into A Chandelier Basket

Place the hooks in the edges of the flower basket, put the solar light in the center, and decorate with crystals. Get tutorial here

Spray Paint A Solarabra

Coat the candle holder in metallic spray paint, put silicone in the candle holder holes, and place in the solar lights. Get tutorial here

Paste Mythical Creatures On A Lantern

Coat the jars in colored glitter, adhere mythic image on the inside of the jar, and wrap in old jewelry. Get tutorial here