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Our house is undeniably out of date. From the color of the house to the built in accents, everything is just... *Sigh*.

Since buying the house almost a year ago we have been updating. It's been so fun and also so challenging because of pregnancy and MONEY. But one way I thought to update the front door area without waiting to paint the house is simply by painting the concrete slab outside the door.

It looks AWESOME! So here is how to easily change the front door area of your house in just a couple hours.


Awe... Such potential.

First, I started by removing everything in the space I was painting. I used my broom to clean off the surface. Thankfully it was relatively clean! Otherwise I would have needed to either scrub the area or power wash.

After it was all cleaned, I got my paint ready. This was a can of concrete paint left from the interior floors. I didn't need much of it for this DIY. You can buy concrete paint at Home Depot or Lowe's.

I had a paint tray liner and used that to poor my paint into. Definitely mix your paint beforehand since the colors can separate.

Time to paint! This felt so satisfying. The old stains and derelict concrete renewed. Hallelujah. Aaaand then I had to wait for that to dry before part ✌.

After the gray paint had dried completely, it was time to stencil. I created this stencil with my cricut machine but you can easily find one at a craft store, Amazon or Etsy.

***The larger the space, the larger the stencil. This will make your project a bazillion times easier.

Also, knee pads woulda been a great idea...

As you can see, I matched up my stencil as I went, making sure to use a super duper thin layer of paint to avoid bleeds and lessen dry time.

The process can be tedious, but just keep going! It takes a bit of time to stencil.

It's DONE! I added flowers in a cute pot next to the door and layered rugs because that's what Pinterest says I should do🤷 But really I love how it looks. Personalized to fit my vibe and a more eye catching visual for my visitors and friends.

Suggested materials:
  • Concrete Paint   (Home Depot)
  • Paint roller   (Home Depot)
  • Paint Tray   (Home Depot)
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