How to paint metal garage doors?! From white to black, make durable

by Lad24496534
  3 answers
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 11, 2017
    While you are at it, why do something special to your new black garage door. If you like whimsical, you can paint or stencil a stylized car, truck or boat or motorcycle on the door, as large as you like. For classy, add gold or chrome colored hardware, even where none is needed. For classic, use black or brass hardware. For fun, paint or stencil flowers on top of the black, or go with a toy theme, or even just large house numbers. We are required to have numbers on the front and back of our houses, and most near the garage are simple stick-on or tack on numbers. Window designs for garage door windows are on So go the extra mile on the garage door for high impact. Best wishes 😇

  • If you live in a hot climate or your door faces south or west, I would rethink painting black. While it can look really cool, it can really heat up even a well insulated garage. Exactly why garage doors are typically a light color. If this is not a concern - go for it! Will look totally cool and different!