Need to paint the deck!!!

by M
This is a pressure-treated wood deck. It needs to be painted every year. I am doing everything I should, power washing, scraping chipped paint ... but still can't seem to get paint to stick. Anyone have any ideas ... maybe a paint brand that works better than others?

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 26, 2018
    Hi M!

    Boy do I understand your problem!

    We have a gianemorous deck that was built in 2015. We made the choice of using a solid stain which is much like a paint. The can rated it to last 7 years. Figuring with this rating this would be the best alternative for our deck that has a heavy sun exposure -offering lots of protection.

    This finish has been failing every year also requiring REapplication-after experiencing adhesion troubles and mildew over the past two years.

    Our problems were with the BEHR product. But this year -we called the customer support line with our frustration and we were provided with individualized detailed cleaning surface prep advice with application instruction support and complete product replacement of deck cleaner and stain.

    I will say that we have a elevated front deck- a rear deck- boat dock and a shed and the more transparent sealers seem to look and last the best versus the longer rated thicker solid type paint type sealers with our particular region and sun exposure.

    Sadly once the solid stain is in place —- it’s a lot of work to get it 100% off- to go to an alternate sealer type. My husband is severely regrets putting a solid stain on the new 2015 deck. In hindsight we shoukd have done composite or semitransparent like we have on the boat dock. We have SIKKENS on the shed and thats the longest lasting and most expensive sealer and has lasted 7 far!

    It might be worthwhile to give your sealers company a call and see if they can offer any assistance or compensation.

  • M M on Jun 26, 2018
    Thanks for taking the time to send a note. We talked to someone at a home improvement store (that seemed to know what he was talking about) and he suggested a different brand of deck paint for us. I am thinking we will give the new "stuff" a try and see if it works this year or if we need to replace with something like Trex. We both just retired and I am not sure if I want to put that kind of money in an 80' deck. If we downsize, I am sure the new owners would love it! Thanks again.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 26, 2018
    I've had my deck since 2009, painted it with a solid stain as well. Have had nothing but problems with it. Right now it looks like crap. some of the boards have rotted and the whole deck has been sanded, all the cracks filled and repainted, only to have it start chipping off again. I bought the Lowes solid stain because I really didn't want the typical wood turning gray deck. I worked my butt off on that deck and it still looks awful. We are going to save up and replace with Trex. It's expensive, but in the long run it's gonna be worth all the hours I have spent sanding, patching and painting. If you can afford it go with the Trex.

    • M M on Jun 27, 2018
      I feel your pain! I am trying one more product on this existing deck and then may go the Trex route if it does not work. We actually have two decks on the house. You can't see them at the same time. One has the original Trex from 20 years ago. The stuff lasted, but looks horrid. The new "stuff" is much better looking. I found the dark colored Trex is hot under foot. That will take two Social Security checks!!!

  • William William on Jun 26, 2018
    A UV rated deck stain best protection. It needs to be absorbed into the grain. Paint just floats on top and will crack and peel. They come in transparent, semi transparent, or solid. The solid provides the best protection. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE DECK OVER PRODUCTS!

    There is a problem with the deck over products. They are known to crack and peel within two years. Hard to remove. Many Hometalkers have used them and regret it and have mention their misfortunes in discussions. Many people had o replace deck boards and even complete decks. There are class action lawsuits against the manufacturers. Also notice they are not advertised anymore. You can do some online research and find more cons than pros. I have been advising Hometalkers not to use the products and to spread the word. Some have tried scraping and sanding with fair results.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 07, 2021

    Personally I think painted decks are madness unless you live in total shade. I would rent a floor sander, get rid of the paint and buy a good deck stain/sealer like Thompson Water Seal or Then you can simply wash it off when ready for a new coat and just apply again, no scraping and sanding.