Rustic Decor. How To Make a Door Look Like Wood.

Sheila Crighton
by Sheila Crighton
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I am currently redecorating a downstairs bedroom and going for a rustic contemporary feel. I thought to myself how do I make this plain old closet door look rustic. Using my wall colours and a paint brush I decided to experiment.

You will need to paint colours. I used this blue grey colour.

Second colour is stone colour... grey beige. You will then need a one inch brush and a jar of water

Put a dab of the blue grey paint in an area you want to create a knot. Clean your brush with water. Then dip brush in beige paint. Paint down and around blue paint on both sides.

Then dab your paint brush slightly in the middle and blend.

You can go circular.

Just have fun with the paint. Do not be afraid.

Suggested materials:
  • Two colors of acrylic paint, 1 inch brush and a jar of water.
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