One Man's Trash Becomes My Cute Treasure!

Jarful House
by Jarful House
My coworker had two "damaged" chairs and he decided to get rid of them ... hell no I said..there are mine! That was totally in my style, didn't have idea what and how to fix but I love the challenge and I took them before even checking..
Than i have inspected like 10 times and I couldn't find anything...didn't look damaged to me at all.. the only broken(damaged) part was the sit support. Whoever made this chair didn't use even real wood.
Both chairs looked pretty good. Regular, boring dinning chair :)
That's the broken part. As soon I removed broken pieces, I had idea to change whole chair..from the color to the fabric.
R rated !!Please ,make sure kids are not present ! lol

That how naked chair looks like .. lol. BTW stripping chair is super easy. You just pull anything you can grab !

I painted with latex paint - color : Almond
I started my search for the fabric and the rest of supplies. Fell in love with this pattern from the very first minute.. it is partial linen perfect for upholster..

I have also bought: stapler gun+ staples, glue gun+glue, trim, cushion foam, and piece of wood for sit support. My husband help me with the wood, he cut perfect shape and nail it to the chair.
I have cut shape based on the old fabric and stapler it to the was kind of hard. I have regular stapler, after 10 min I was crying from pain. Next day I went to buy electric one, and that was relief. It went faster.

The foam I bought was pretty thick and need my husband help while attaching staplers.
After I had stapler fabric, I used glue gun ( low heat) to attached the trim. Super easy.
Here are finished CHAIRS !
This was my first "chair job" ever, and I need to say it wasn't as easy and cheap as I was thinking. You need right tools(electric stapler is a must, as well right foam and fabric), time & patience ( don't rush, you can easily scratch paint or make wrong holes in the fabric- and yes i did both) I like the final result, however I'm perfectionist so I feel like I could do it better or different. How do you like the new accent chairs?

Please find me on facebook: loveliveandcreate & etsy: loveliveandcreatebyjo
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  • Marie Poisson Marie Poisson on Oct 26, 2017
    How much money did it cost you to do this project? We have 5 similar chairs, they are the most uncomfortable chairs we ever had, but cannot afford to get rid of them and they are from my in-laws. Where did you buy the foam? Thank you Great work by the way!

  • Molly Molly on May 12, 2020

    Wonderful job, I just love these chair’s! What a difference! And the fabric is so beautiful. Can you tell me where you found that lovely fabric? I don’t think I could upholster a chair, but I might be able to make a pillow : ) Thank yo Igor sharing this.

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  • Linda Em Linda Em on Oct 29, 2017
    Beautiful and I looked across the room at that dark depressing chair that sits across from me and said, what the heck, why not. I love the fabric. you. used.

  • Mary Boger Mary Boger on Dec 02, 2018

    What lovely chairs. The fabric is awesome.