Chess Table

Teresa Seeger-Gesser
by Teresa Seeger-Gesser
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I decided to turn this three piece set into a chess table due to its small stature. This table was given to me, a dog named Chuck loved to use it as a chew bone.
Chair being repaired.
I had the table and chairs routed to remove some of most severe damage, then it was time for wood filler and a lot of patience!
Top and bottom edge was routed.
Sanding. Just enough to rough up the satin finish.
Paint. Acrylic Rich Black.
Base finished.
Chew marks all over the chair legs!
Repaired chew marks. Used wood filler.
Assembled table and finished painting.
First coat of Poly-Finish Gloss.
Chairs were next to be painted.
Chew marks around edge & legs gone!
Used POLY- Finish to adhere the printed chess board image.
Chess board image.
Cut image to allow for drop leaf sides. Several coats of poly-finish a top the image for durability.
Unfortunately, I was outbid on the chess pieces. So for now, this versatile small table is charming for dinner for two.
Dinner for two.
Will post pics when I can find the perfectly imperfect chess pieces 😉
Pictured naked.
Compact, in its simplest form.
Suggested materials:
  • Paint, poly-finish, printed image.   (Given to me)
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