DIY Ironing Board

Janet Weber Johnson
by Janet Weber Johnson
Inspired by a pin on Pinterest, I wanted to make an ironing board from a shelf. When I came across what I'm thinking was a twin sized headboard ($15), at a thrift store, I knew I had found my piece!
I started by taking off the brackets and the two small boards that they were attached to. I then removed the front cross piece of wood and moved it back a couple of inches (so I wouldn't constantly stub my toes). Finally, I cut a piece of MDF and layed it across the two bottom rails, for a shelf.
I glued beadboard to the back of the top part and added 1/4" luann plywood to the back of the bottom and painted them both a contrasting color.
I was going to use a metal (over the door) ironing board top, over wood for the top, but that didn't work out, so I just took two 1x8" pine boards, glued them together, down the sides, traced the metal top and cut it.
I used a couple of layers of fleece, to pad the top, stapled the fabric to the bottom of the boards then screwed the whole top on from underneath. Not only does it give me more storage, but it actually takes up less space, as it is not as long as a regular ironing board. It's also prettier!
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