Dresser to Buffet Transformation With a Table to Match

Michelle Hamill
by Michelle Hamill
A friend (acquaintance, client, lady my husband works with) wanted to turn her dresser into a buffet. She asked me to do it because she was pleased with the chair I did for her before. And of course if you get a new buffet, you'll need a table to match it (sorry, I've been reading if you give a pig a pancake one too many times lately). She was happy with the results and so am I!
This is a picture of the dresser before.
My husband built a box to enclose the area where the middle drawer was and I painted the entire top and base with a flat black paint (Rustoleum) and then used a satin poly spray. When it was dry we noticed spots on both sides and had to sand, paint and poly again, but it was perfect the second time!
I then used a black glaze on the drawers after lightly sanding them. I love this stuff! After the glaze was where I wanted it, I used a wipe on poly for the drawers. That stuff is awesome, have you tried it? It was here we asked her about a table because I knew I had the perfect one for her. She said it was exactly what she had in mind so I went to work on the chairs with the same techniques. This is where I was comparing the two.
While hubby was putting the new hardware on the now buffet, I worked on the table. It was here I realized how short I was but in the end it turned out beautiful!
Tada! The finished buffet! I got the basket at JoAnns and the hardware came from Lowes. I think it fits the piece perfectly!
This is a before and after pic of the table and chairs. There was a small nick in the table where I needed to use wood filler but other than that a light sanding was all that was needed. Again I used the wipe on poly on the table top. So easy!
And here they are together ready for delivery. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them in her new house but I suppose I can ask her to do that for me when she gets all settled. :)
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