I Can Even Go to a Chistmas Bazzar and Find Project to Do.

Franny Monaghan Lathe
by Franny Monaghan Lathe
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I went to a local Christmas bazzar and the church itself had a booth of odds ands and collectables. This poor little chair had a price tag of $6.00 . My friend and my and my Daughter in law both said you gotta get it. So off it went into the back of the Jeep . I tucked it safely in the basement cause if my husband saw it would have a fit. I have tons of projects going on all the time.
This is how it looked when I found it. The stuffing inside had turned to powder and was a mess.
I started pulling off the old fabric
The frame and the burlap was still in good shape
I sanded and prepped the wood for a better finish. It was from the 60's so it had that Faux speckles on the wood finish.
I went with a dark walnut stain
I polished the top handle . It would not come off so I finished in place.
I laid out the burlap from the old chair to figure out where to put the buttons. The fabric on the old chair was velvet but the buttons were covered in satin and mostly in good shape so I decided to reuse them. Have never done a button tufted covering before
I used a screw driver to poke holes where the buttons would go and put the old burlap on the back and pushed the buttons thru.
This is the back side.
I sanded the chair and made a template for the back of the chair with a piece of cardboard.
This is the base and back stapled in place.
I had a coordinating fabric that I covered the side and made a piece of trim to cover the staples on the back.
I covered the back in the coordinating fabric. I'm keeping this one for my Vanity table
Suggested materials:
  • Chair   (Church Bazzar)
  • Fabric   (A yard sale last year)
  • MinWax stain   (left over from another j)
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