Metallic Warm Silver With Black Glaze Finish

by Misty
I just finished a makeover of a nightstand using Modern Masters Warm Silver along with a black glaze finish to antique it just a bit. You can view the entire makeover with all steps and products used at
The nightstand before we started.
After a coat of primer that was tinted with a cool creamy grey to enhance the warm silver color.
This is after the first coat of metallic paint using a bristle brush. After this coat I switched to a foam brush and the finish was much smoother.
I loaded up my brush with black glaze and piled it on especially in any carved or recessed areas so it would really show up.
After wiping the glaze off with a clean soft white rag, the black really gave this piece a nice antique finish.
The finished piece is a gorgeous warm silver color, almost champagne in tone.
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  • Beth Beth on May 20, 2014
    I can see gold metallic on the medallion/ type section on top of the legs. Awesome job...I'm gonna steal your idea!

    • Misty Misty on May 20, 2014
      @Beth Awesome! I'd love to see what you do with it.