desk from garbage into something beautifuL?

Chloe S
by Chloe S
I found this desk about a 15 minute uphill walk from my house which is four flights up, I lugged it all the home even though half way through I wanted to give up. Three people helped
along the way! Now I am fully commited to making this desk beatiful! Its a very cheap, poorly made desk- how can I improve it without spending too much money? All input is greatly welcome! This will be my first time doing this so please nothing too dificult! :)
desk from garbage into something beautiful, painted furniture
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 03, 2013
    This looks like one of those older computer desks, that thing on the left is for the cpu. it appears to be laminate over a particle board core. These can be painted but it will require a bit of prep. Most folks start with a like sanding and then apply a good primer from there it is on to the colors

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 04, 2013
    I see organization station. Perhaps a place to use for wrapping paper, etc. Bins in the knee space for gift bags rolls of paper, bins on the left holding ribbon and the narrow shelf holding trays with scissors, tape, pens, name tags, etc. A good wipe down with a damp cloth is all it would take to make this usable! A small lamp on the top shelf on the left would give you a great working area for any hobby...compact, confined and organized to fit in any room!

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Feb 04, 2013
    @Chloe S - you could make it sturdier by adding boards at the back - on one of my projects I used old fence boards, but you may be able to use pallets as well.@KMS Woodworks is right, you won't be able to stain, but if prepped right chalk paint or even a furniture paint could perk it up. If you sanded the added boards you could stain that to maintain some wood. You could even add boards to the top if you were so inclined. Also you could do a search on here for desk make overs, great ideas for everything on this site. Please do post pics of your final project. Thanks for posting :)

  • Cassidy Cassidy on Feb 04, 2013
    If I were you, I would cut off the smaller side...used for the PC, then move the keyboard shelf down a few inches, lightly sand it (so it is easier to paint and the paint last longer), and paint it. Then you have a nice, inexpensive sofa/hall table. You could also add a piece of wood to the front of the keyboard shelf, put a knob on it and make it a drawer.

  • CK CK on Jan 19, 2015
    The reason it's so heavy is because it's made of MDF. MDF is fine.....until you happen to get it wet :-( You can easily paint it with spray paint or even just a good primer and paint. But spray paint is a one-step fix ;-)