Asked on Sep 13, 2015

How to morph this table into something pretty.

Eileen Quinn
by Eileen Quinn
Lost everything when Super Storm Sandy came in the door. I was given this table but I do not like glass in a table. I have a big fear of someone falling on it and going thru the glass.
q how to morph this table into something pretty, repurpose furniture, repurposing upcycling
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 14, 2015
    Im sorry about that terrible news. So what i am thinking for this piece is to strip the existing finish. Repaint or stain with an updated color and maybe get some discounted tiling to replace the glass.

  • Carolee Lavarini Carolee Lavarini on Sep 14, 2015
    Mosaics,..... pick out all your favorite colors in the family , get the discounted tiling mentioned above, hammer it and use the pieces for the mosaic design. My other suggestion is to have friends and family each paint one tile (or more) and use this as your family table. I have a family tile table and love it, its 15 years old now and everyone loves it.

  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Sep 14, 2015
    So sorry about all the loss from Super Storm Sandy, cannot imagine. Depending on its final use, maybe some wicker inserts or tile as suggested above, I would milk paint it a dusty blue with white, enjoy.

  • Kathy Meador Wells Kathy Meador Wells on Sep 14, 2015
    How about replacing with wood, staining it a different color than the table?

  • Dee Dee on Sep 14, 2015
    how about cutting some panels of light plywood and covering with fabric/wallpaper/gift-wrap, whatever you like, and apply a couple coats of sealant or lacquer over all. Or go for metal inserts . . . salvaged sheet metal can be cut to size, painted (decoratively or plain) and sealed.

  • Sylvia Sylvia on Sep 14, 2015
    Pick out beautiful tiles that fit in each square! Marble tiles are gorgeous!

  • Becky Becky on Sep 14, 2015
    Sorry about your loss.:( I took the glass out of mine and added a wood top. I painted it with chalk paint and then sealed with wax. Its safer...even with teenagers.:)

  • Z Z on Sep 14, 2015
    Wow, sorry for the loss of your home and its belongings. I just can't imagine what that feels like. Not knowing what your style is I'll just go with something different than the usual just for fun. If the size is right, I'd buy a roll of thick gage metal flashing, cut to size and nail in place using small or decorative nails after you refinish the wood though.

  • Sandra Sandra on Sep 15, 2015
    What a horrible time that was, my cousins were in the middle of it too. How about showcasing family photos under the glass, I'm thinking 2 thinner clear pieces with a montage of photos that you can change out anytime you want.

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Sep 16, 2015
    Here's my 2 cents...Take out the glass...Replace them w/ wooden pieces that you can decoupage w/ your favorite artwork, sayings, or whatever you like.