How do I paint a stained wall unit?

by Debbie
  3 answers
  • NCbulldoglover NCbulldoglover on Jan 03, 2019 I saw this on this site where someone had used it to redo a buffet and it turned out great and was easy to use. Check it out.

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    • NCbulldoglover NCbulldoglover on Jan 03, 2019

      You would need to check their website for how to use their products. I have not used the products but the projects I have seen where it was used were every good looking. No harm in checking out the website.

  • William William on Jan 03, 2019

    How other Hometalkers did it.

  • Hazelyn Macapagal Ash Hazelyn Macapagal Ash on Jan 03, 2019

    You have to prep stained/ area that needs to be painted with industrial cleaner called TSP, then any paint will adheir to surface

    • NCbulldoglover NCbulldoglover on Jan 03, 2019 website says "no stripping, no sanding, no sealing. Check out the website for info on how to use their products and where to purchase. I have not used it myself just have seen projects done with it on the Hometalk site. They have many projects on their site done with their products and I am sure can answer any questions anyone has on how to use it but the main draw of their products is the NO STRIPPING, NO SANDING, NO SEALING. I am sure you need to clean your pieces first but if I were trying to change a piece I would try this since it cuts out three steps.