Leather Couch

Wanted to ask a question of all the fabulous interior decorators & designers on Hometalk. Is it possible to get a high quality leather sectional for less than $5,000.00? Any tips on where to shop in Atlanta?
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  • Leather Creations.

  • ChairCycle ChairCycle on Mar 11, 2012
    There are a couple of stores by the Rooms to go Outlet. Jimmy Carter exist off I-85. Not sure is Kass mentioned the same store.

  • A family member is shopping, and Leather Creations is exactly where they went! They found one they loved, but weren't enamored with the price tag. Those outlets near Jimmy Carter are a good idea...

  • Faidra at  CA Global Inc Faidra at CA Global Inc on Mar 12, 2012
    I found an excellent deal at Italia Furniture off 85N. They have a back room w/discounted items due to new models coming in or in my case a client had a custom made sectional and the chaise was put on the wrong end, purchased for half off.

  • Thanks, Faidra. We'll check it out!

  • Connie K Connie K on Mar 11, 2015
    I don't know about locally, but I've scored some great deals over the last 30 years by buying in NC. I usually go to Hickory for a couple of days if I'm still not certain what I want. Since don't live in NC there is no sales tax to have it delivered. Also, if I have found a piece here that I want, I look on the NC furniture web sites or call one of the places I have previously dealt with and no to be reputable and to have good prices. Yes, you can still deal on pricing just as you can locally. Also, certain months are really good sale months. February is good and there are lots of sales. It is before the spring market so everyone is clearing out their inventory in order to have room for the new stuff. I have been lucky enough by buying this way to afford to buy premium quality at the price of moderate quality would cost. I feel in love with a Chinoiserie wall mounted TV cabinet by Maitland Smith but it was more than I wanted to pay. About a year or so later it was on sale so I called my favorite store and bought it for less than half of the price I had seen before. I've bought Hickory Chair sofa, a Southwood sofa, our bedroom furniture, and some occasional pieces, all top brands which I would never have even seen here unless I shop Matthews Galleries or similar places. I was able to choose the fabric of my choice for both sofas There is a book written by Kimberly Ann Causey called "The Furniture Factory Outlet Guide, 2013 Edition" that you may want to look for. I think there is another book titled Shopping the North Carolina Outlets and I'm sure you can find others. Kimberly Causey also had a web site at one time. I have used one of her earlier additions of the outlet shopping guide and found it useful. Hope this helps your family member or one of our other Hometalk readers. Also, most retailers and also manufacturers of furniture have a website these days. With most, you can see their entire line of products. That's another reason I like a trip to Hickory or High Point once in a while. You will see styles and pieces from collections that you will never see locally because no retailer can possibly have every thing in stock. I will say my first trip to NC put me in "furniture overload" and was a shock to my system. Thanks be my well-grounded hubby was along for the trip.

  • Michele Brown Michele Brown on Apr 30, 2015
    Or if you find something you like you can always look to see if the manufacturer has leather sofas on overstock.com. I have purchased several high end items on overstock with no problems and for a LOT less. Just an FYI. They stand by their product too...so if you don't find it meets your needs? Return it. No worries. Good luck.