Asked on Jun 27, 2014

Paint ideas

by Merrymary48
Have old Murphy chairs. Need cute/funky ideas to paint them.
paint ideas, painted furniture
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  • Leah Johnson Leah Johnson on Jun 27, 2014
    sand and smooth out the finish and stain with a dark walnut stain.. they would match my furniture..

  • Bluesister Sky Bluesister Sky on Jun 27, 2014
    I have seen them painted in bright colors (Each surface ,a different color) then highly polished or coated with a thick clear glaze. I have kids who, in art class, did a project where they were supposed to paint a copy of a master painter ( Monet, etc) on the chair or whatever furniture they chose. I have a table top with a great reproduction of Picasso's' Old Man With a Guitar. .

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 27, 2014
    If they are all in this good condition, just clean them up, touch up with some gel varnish!

  • Cindy Miller Cindy Miller on Jun 27, 2014
    Chalk paint in black would look good.

  • Jill R. Wright Jill R. Wright on Jun 27, 2014
    I have a chair like this and never knew what it was called! I'm going to sand mine and paint in bright, funky colors just for something different and out of the ordinary in my house:) Hope you will post pics when you're finished.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jun 27, 2014
    Realy like them the way they are. Why not just do funky seat cushions! Easy to change out when you get tired of them.

  • Merrymary48 Merrymary48 on Jun 27, 2014
    Great. Mine has a metal plate on back. I have more with numbers also under seat.

  • Sharon Kavanagh Sharon Kavanagh on Jun 28, 2014
    I saw someone on Pinterest who decoupage color comics from the Sunday newspaper and it was adorable. How about a combo of chalk paint and decoupage?

  • Susi Schuele Susi Schuele on Jun 29, 2014
    Paint them white and "dip" the legs in a pretty coral or turquoise blue. Pinterest has several examples. Another thing if you are very artistic is to paint them with bold designs and patterns in a Boho theme. Good luck. Let us see the results!