Asked on Jul 30, 2014

Painted Desk Top

by Elizabeth
I have an 8-ft folding table, which I use as my desk. The self-sticking vinyl that was originally covering it had peeled away in many places. So, DH sanded down the entire table top. After I prime it, I would like to paint it, but I'm looking for some ideas. I have 3 paint colours (sample sizes put aside for this project): mint, teal, and indigo (blue). I do have access to some other paint ( a light blue and aqua). Suggestions are welcome. :) Thanks.
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q painted desk top, painted furniture
q painted desk top, painted furniture
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jul 30, 2014
    Hi Elizabeth! Could you upload a photo of your table? That will make it easier for other hometalkers and myself to give you better answers and ideas! You can add photos by clicking the upper right drop arrow and select "edit" (see screenshot). Hope this helps! :)

  • 153091 153091 on Jul 31, 2014
    Love the colors...all of them. Why not use them all and blend them. You could paint each color on first, either stripe style or patches all over and while wet, take a bristle brush (softer) gently feather and blend the colors. I would blend in swirl/curl form, like smoke. Try this first on small piece of wood or poster board to get the effect and see if you like it.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 31, 2014
      @Jan B. TY--I've been thinking of doing this...have been thinking about colour blocking w/geometric shapes...also like the swirl idea. I tried convincing my DH & eldest son (22 yrs.) to paint A Starry Night on it for me. They weren't willing to commit. LOL But, that is where I got the idea re: the swirls & have been thinking they could look good on the Indigo (as a background). I'm not an artist, so, I thought posting & asking for ideas would be a great way to get some more inspiration, too. :)

  • Connie Murray Connie Murray on Jul 31, 2014
    I think the Blue or Teal would look amazing it would be sure to pop in any room you put!! Can't wait to see what color you decide!

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 31, 2014
      @Connie Murray Thanks. I've had a few ideas swirling in my head (see reply to Jan B.). I agree: I think the Indigo & the Teal would def. provide a great pop of colour in our den, which has light aqua walls.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 31, 2014
    OK--I've added the pics, as well as the paint colours. The top paint pic is the Indigo; next one is the Teal; 3rd is the Mint.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 31, 2014
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • 153091 153091 on Aug 01, 2014
    So nice we all have Hometalk...just to talk!! When the right idea comes to you it will come out very nice. As for painting scenes (stars etc.) once you place work items on your desk, not only will your picture get covered up..I think your work place would have a clutterd look. Post photo of finished project so we can all enjoy your work.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 01, 2014
      @Jan B. Yeah--that's my thought: the more elaborate the design, the more I would miss it being covered up. lol

  • 243107 243107 on Aug 01, 2014
    I would use all three as well, either color blocking or blended. It's a beautiful combination, go for it. Worse comes to worse, you sand it down again and do something else!! Good luck!

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 01, 2014
      @E. Martemucci Good thought. :) I'm def. leaning to using the 3 colours--they really are pretty. :)

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 03, 2014
    Thanks! I selected a pattern, with five dif. colours (teal, aqua, indigo, mint green, & creamy oats. DH has been working on it--his b-day gift to me. :) Waiting for it to dry to see if there are any areas that will need a 2nd coat (possibly the lighter colours). I'll post a pic. when it's completed. It looks great!!!!!!! :)

  • 153091 153091 on Aug 04, 2014
    We are all looking forward to your finished project photo...I just know it will come out perfect. Should you decide to seal it , I like the look of matte finish better then gloss.

  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on Aug 04, 2014
    Just make sure to seal it well with a good quality clear coat to protect the finished product! Can't wait to see photos of the finished piece :) Also, you can spray paint the legs too to match or coordinate with the top or add a flounce of fabric around the table held on with self-stick velcro (so you can remove for washing) :)

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 04, 2014
    My Desk Table is almost completed. The last step is to put a protective finish on it. As promised, here are a couple of pics. of it. Comments are beside the indiv. pics.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 08, 2014
    DH & DS moved my desk/table back into the den this evening. We're going to buy a plastic desk protector to use in the area of the computer & accessories. I'm so excited!

  • Cyndie S Cyndie S on Aug 12, 2014
    What about pictures of your favorite things decoupaged over the entire surface or maybe as thought clouds over your base color painted table? Love all your colors. Pick favorite color as base, something you look forward to seeing every time you work.You could also to an ombre effect with the darkest in the middle and lighter toward each end or like the sea and sky, darkest at bottom, up to lightest at top edge. Think about how you'll use the table--will it be distracting or soothing to see as you work?

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Aug 13, 2014
      @Cyndie S If you look at the previous comments, you'll see my completed painted desk top. :) Your idea sounds cool, too. :) TY