Asked on Dec 26, 2012

Painting Pressed Wood/Laminate

I have this desk and chair I redid except for the top of the desk which is laminate or pressed wood. You can read about my original blog post here:
I'm ready to do something with the top of the desk, I have a few ideas in mind. I just am not sure how to go about painting pressed wood or laminate. Any suggestions would be helpful??? Thanks!!!
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 26, 2012
    most laminates are quite "slippery" so for a good paint job some light sanding will aid in paint bonding. It is also important to clean well as any grease or oil residues can lead to adhesion problems as well..TSP cleaning will work for that.

  • Sue H Sue H on Dec 26, 2012
    Use a good primer before you paint.

  • The Robin's Nest The Robin's Nest on Dec 27, 2012
    I have painted many laminate top desks etc and I normally use Zinnser Bullseye 123 primer and of course, clean it and maybe (depending) do a light sanding first. I have not had any trouble with paint sticking. In fact the bullseye primer that says it's for such surfaces, states it's not necessary to sand and I have followed those instructions with success as well. I would just make sure you have a good solid coating or two of the good primer. then paint away!!! I have also converted a more modern "slick" computer desk surface using a decopauge method with cute heavy duty gift wrap from Hobby Lobby! And it turned out very cute as well.

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Dec 27, 2012
    Great suggestions here. Just thought I'd add this tutorial from @Jenna Burger Design - it's been very popular:

  • Robin...I love that paper...That is a great idea. I was going to stencil the top but now I'm rethinking my plan. Miriam...Thanks for this info!! I don't have much laminate or pressed board in my home but I'd like to either re-do it or get rid of it!

  • Jenna Burger Design Jenna Burger Design on Dec 27, 2012
    Thank you so much @Miriam I for recommending my post - it's absolutely the most popular on my site!

  • Faye Faye on Mar 20, 2016
    I have a table that is all bumpy from water damage - tried sanding but not real wood - or so I figured out when I tried to level the bumps. I used the Zinnser and a Polystain and I think it looks cool - just don't know if I can sell that thought to a customer. Any thoughts as to what I could do to level it? Also has anyone had issues when using Polystain and having it show finger prints?