Asked on Oct 07, 2016

How to makeover these patio chairs?

Connie Bratten
by Connie Bratten
I have a set of patio chairs that have woven plastic backs and seats. They have been ruined from sitting out in the weather. I need some ideas for replacing the backs and seats. The frames are still good so I would really like to save them. Thanks.
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q patio table chairs, furniture repair, outdoor furniture, outdoor living
q patio table chairs, furniture repair, outdoor furniture, outdoor living
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  • Rebecca Hanna Rebecca Hanna on Oct 08, 2016
    I don't have an answer but would love to have one. thanks

    • Philip Stoll Philip Stoll on Oct 08, 2016
      Very good idea to use wooden slats. Be sure to use pressure-treated lumber or something like cedar for out-door use. Drilling holes for the bolts could weaken the frame; maybe construction adhesive would do the trick. The back appears to have an extra, thinner bar on the sides. Electrical wire cable holders with screws attached on the back of the slats might work for those.

  • Janet Childs Janet Childs on Oct 08, 2016
    use leather belts and its look so cool when your done just intertwine them

  • Steve Steve on Oct 08, 2016
    I personally don't know, however I can tell you if you replace them with plastic you must paint the plastic , to protect against the ultra violet rays of the sun, some plastic chairs may state they have U V protection, I wouldn,t take a chance, does,t matter what kind or color of paint. steve

  • Felicia Felicia on Oct 08, 2016
    I think that I'd consider maybe two options. One would be to use lots of twine or rope to wrap the seat, taking the place of the plastic seating. Another would be to do the first option, but add covered cushions.

  • Trudy Trudy on Oct 08, 2016
    Macrame would be cool! Be careful choosing the rope so it isn't itchy. Cotton clothesline perhaps?

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 08, 2016
    Choosing rope may not be the solution with weather though.

  • Alvin Alvin on Oct 09, 2016
    Are the chairs really worth the time repairing ?The chair(s) look like they have metal frame. The difficulty is securing material used to replace the plastic weave. How about trying an authentic rope fish net or hammock , not the decorative type. Getting it tight enough to sit on is a problem. Another is if you can find nylon strapping at a marine supply that is UV protected, then use that to weave a new seat and back. It may be quite expensive and time consuming but should last a long time.

  • Rynn Rynn on Oct 09, 2016
    I would use treated wood for the bottoms , then paint to match or compliment the chair frame. (The woven backs looked good on the ones shown.) If all else fails, cover the bottoms with chicken wire and use as planters.:)

  • Karen Silman Karen Silman on Oct 11, 2016
    How about using the replacement webbing for old out door alumuminun chairs? or repurpose and old water hose. Wrap it around the frame then weave it until u have a new back and seat